Project Management

At Shark Shipping Group, our dedicated and highly skilled team specializes in efficient project management for ship operations. With a track record of timely delivery, our top priority is safeguarding and improving client assets. Renowned in the industry, our team excels in maintaining schedules and meeting commercial obligations.

Our commitment is to prolong the operational lifespan of vessels through strategic decision-making, ensuring optimal efficiency without compromise. Trust us to guide your projects to success, leaving a lasting impact on the ship management landscape. We take pride in delivering reliable and proficient project management services tailored to the maritime industry.

New Build & Construction Support

Revolutionizing shipbuilding, our New Build & Construction Support incorporates modular methods and advanced technology in design and engineering. AI algorithms enable predictive maintenance, while smart materials with self-healing capabilities enhance durability. We provide AR-based maintenance support and implement automation in the construction process, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for new builds.

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Vessel Upgrades

Our Vessel Upgrades focus on autonomous operations, integrating automation for cargo handling, engine monitoring, and overall efficiency. Remote surveys, monitoring, and diagnostics streamline operations. Data analytics drives performance optimization and smart automation systems are implemented to enhance vessel capabilities. Trust us for comprehensive upgrades that elevate vessel functionality and efficiency.

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Project Manpower Support

Our Project Manpower Support ensures safe and reliable vessel operations.With a focus on data control and management, we offer virtual onboardingprocesses and real-time communication. Competency assessment, training,and innovative staffing solutions guarantee a skilled and efficient workforce.Embrace our support for seamless project operations and workforcemanagement.

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Surveys & Audits

In Surveys & Audits, we embrace automation, mobile apps, and digital tools for efficient services. IoT sensors on vessels monitor critical parameters, ensuring accuracy. Blockchain technology secures tamper-proof records, while cloud-based data storage enhances accessibility. Remote guidance during surveys reduces physical presence, providing a comprehensive approach to surveys and audits. Trust us for advanced solutions that redefine inspection processes.

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